Sex Positive Social Media

Dismantle structural oppressions!

  • Platforms have an opportunity to improve on the poor sexual education and ethics of governments and participate in a broader movement for social and sexual justice. 
  • Platforms ought to find their role in the larger movement for racial, social, gender, economic, environmental and disability justice. All platforms have an active role to play in supporting Indigenous sovereignty, decolonising sexuality and return of land as part of a movement for sexual justice.
  • Sex positive social media requires legal, policy, economic, social, cultural and technical environments that enable more vibrant, diverse, informed, equitable and just sexual cultures. Technical solutions will not be sufficient alone.
  • Governments should decriminalise consensual sexual activity and repeal laws that hinder access to sex education, health promotion, safety information and harm reduction materials. They should regulate to prevent the formation of media monopolies and to materially support the proliferation of independent media.
  • The experiences, needs and voices of sexually marginalised communities, youth and adolescents must be meaningfully and genuinely engaged conversations and decisions about media literacy, sex education, community standards, privacy, security and digital citizenship.
  • Building equitable sexual cultures requires capacity development, education and resourcing, including population-level, comprehensive, developmentally-appropriate, culturally-relevant and tailored education on sex, respectful relationships and consent.